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Majestic Ban Appeal
Ban Details
Majestic [STEAM_0:0:51600209]
2020-02-22 19:41:24
Kobe [STEAM_0:0:21948079]
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Name : Majestic

Steam Id :

Contest : I was banned once before on war lord, but the ban was over turned. After playing for almost a year, an admin banned me on there saying it was in reference to an old ban. Stabbinrabbit and cali both know me well, and have played many games with me in css, and csgo.I have been playing source now for many years. I scrim all the time in counterstrike source on various servers including my own. I am friends with many people who play on war lords, and played on war lords for a long time I have a community of people who contribute to helping fill the server, and getting players on war lord because it is one of the longest lasting scrim servers out there. I love war lord scrims, and many war lord players come to my server, and my friends servers to scrim, and we have a great time. I play left handed with my left hand on mouse, and my right hand on keyboard, so my angles tend to mirror players like a south paw fighter. I have live stream videos of me playing, and can promise you guys I do not cheat, and I do not fault the admin who banned me except for every time I play he disrupts the games trolling different players, and bans without knowing the history of the player. I would appreciate the second chance to playing on war lord servers, and would love to coordinate clan matches against war lords in the future if interested. I really hope you will consider this, and I hope the best for your community. 

Thank you,

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