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Just Ban Jan Already
(Oct 01 2021, 10:24 PM)PiN Wrote: TBH I dont know if he still is cheating or not and I'm not going to go through demos and post any "proof" of an aimbot because it is to hard to explain to the admins what theyre looking at even if I did find legit proof.  From what I have gathered being on WL for some time now is that if you arent a complete idiot and use a low fov aimbot and some other settings you can get a way with it.

This, personally, i never was comfortable to make a call on these ever, some players i did not respect the opinion of when accusing people of cheating (because they reported officially or not dozens of players that weren't cheating at all in the past, some of them even accused me of cheating directly or not) often used the low fov/soft aimbot argument.

They do exist, but are pretty hard to catch (and hard to differentiate from legit players), since im not playing here anymore i dont feel comfortable to go through demos and "post" proof here either.

Idk why these cheaters would waste their time using such cheats on wL in 2021 (if "they" do), but that wouldn't surprise me, since the Gabe/Bus/SESH/other old players cases.

What would you suggest to look out for in demos if anyone were to get a look ?(id imagine that if a player doesnt ever miss between a and b in his FOV that would be a way, but like you said there is different settings cheaters can use nowadays that makes it extremely hard to catch, and if they are smart they would toggle on and off)

Outside of demos, someone could always look a specific player stats (weapon stats included) month per month to spot "cheaters", but it doesn't take into considerations if said players changed his pc from a potato to a monster pc, or changed mouse, or started playing seriously all the time, if the RWS balancer was changed, if the level of competition was higher that month/year, or made stupid bets like playing hs or no scope only, etc.

A few years ago, i made a list of the highest accuracies/kdr in the top50 per weapon (and other lists on the same thread) if anyone needs something to compare to, while using this method (
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